Neon Tiki - Cruisin' The West Island | Fringe Mt Gambier 2020

Kartanya Martinez is your tour guide in the West Island of New Zealand, commonly known as Australia. Neon Tiki is a typical budget cruise that highlights the twists and turns of jumping ship into another country. Crossing borders isn't all it's cracked up to be. Kartanya takes you on an hilarious tour of the life and times of the people dwelling on the West Island and offers you strategies to successfully blend in with the locals and offers a solution to the pavlova and lamingtons rivalry.

'Retro Revival' with the Soul Divas. Mt Gambier's own SA Music Awards Finalist Alison Newman has teamed up with talented singer Kartanya Martinez to become the Soul Divas. Their show 'Retro Revival' will take you for a dance down memory lane as they sing some of their favourite tunes & some of Australia's iconic songs from 1975 to 1985. 

About Kartanya

Kartanya is a hard hitting author, blogger, and professional singer.
Kartanya likes to write about reality, hard hitting topics that others may shy away from. Kartanya has an uncanny ability to see the world's of real people and measuring them against their own personal existence, not the mainstream 'white picket fence' existence that society expects. She can make the damned look redeemed and society's rabble shine through as the real salt of the earth people that we need.

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Kartanya with the Executive Producer of 'Fatbelly - Chopper Un-Chopped' Simon Leese.

"There's a storm on the horizon", Kartanya on her work in progress Girl Outlaw.

Kartanya posing with a fan after singing at The Plaza Tavern in Hoppers Crossing.