Singing Reviews

Kartanya has an amazing vocal range. I still haven't figured out her genre of music because every time I hear her sing she sings from a different genre and knocks it out of the park every time. I love hearing Kartanya sing! When she takes the stage she sings a commanding performance and it demands your attention. I would gladly share the stage with her. She is world class from the first note to the last.

Pete Ash
(Mount Gambier, SA)

"...With the vocals that give them little bumps on the skin, so much heart and soul in the performance..."
Jasmine O'Brien
(Review of Kartanya Singing at Rockhampton Hotel, Rockhampton QLD)

"...If Janis Joplin & Adele could have had a love-child, Kartanya would be that child. Her voice leaves you questioning your soul & looking for a cardigan to calm the goose bumps..."
Trudy Powell
(Review of Kartanya singing at Cumberland Hotel, Port Adelaide SA)

Writing | Guest Speaking  Reviews

Simon Leese | Associate Producer, 'Fatbelly, Chopper Un-Chopped'

"...This shit is real! You have heard about Ned Kelly. You have heard about Mark "Chopper" Read. You have never heard shit told 'how it is' from a woman! Brace yourselves, you are about to  get fucked up..."
(Review of 'Girl Outlaw')

Kevin Finn | Managing Director, Paige Stainless Pty. Ltd.

"...Fantastic, hard-hitting female with strong community values..."

Alexander Sloane | Attendee at Guest Speaking Event, Blog Subscriber & Past Client

"...Kartanya is a brilliant writer and public speaker, she speaks eloquently and captures audiences with her direct and powerful speech. The future of women's literature..."