'Life Of This Rebellious Soul', an epic poem by Kartanya Martinez published in 'Poppies In Gold - Writers Of The World', by Sheela Joby.

" I was absolutely stoked when I was chosen to contribute to this collaboration. 'Life Of This Rebellious Soul' is a very raw and close piece of writing to me as it is based loosely on times past and directions headed for me ." 
Kartanya Martinez, 23rd August, 2016

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'A Time Gone By', a look at old school values that seem to have vanished by Kartanya Martinez published in 'Not Enough To Quit - Modern Writers'.

‚Äč"... Once again thank you to ATLA Publishing for taking my piece on times ago and putting it in their collection of modern writers. Sales of this book are committed to raising funds for cancer research..."
Kartanya Martinez, November 2016

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