Girl Outlaw is a story about unbreakable strength, courage, and survival. A woman who rose out of the ashes of hell to live an incredible life filled with violence, rebellion, downfalls & achievements. Girl Outlaw has lived her life with pride, honour, and respect but not always playing by the rules. Australia has many icons and heroes;  The tale of this woman deserved to be given to the country, to the world, as an example of what 'bread and butter' battlers in Australia can be for those who have enough grit to change the course of their destiny.

Kartanya hesitated to tell the story of Girl Outlaw because she was unsure of being comfortable taking the risk that her first book away from academics was going to be an autobiography. She deliberated for some time, before deciding that if she was going to be trusted by other people to write their stories, then she needed to be brave enough to write hers. She also felt that given certain issues and increasingly high barriers slammed in front of the working class within Australia, that it was a book that was long overdue in being written.  

" This shit is real! You have heard about Ned Kelly. You have heard about Mark "Chopper" Read. You have never heard shit told 'how it is' from a woman! Brace yourselves, you are about to  get fucked up!"
(Review of 'Girl Outlaw')
Simon Leese
Associate Producer 
'Fat Belly - Chopper Un-Chopped'

"...Kartanya is a brilliant writer and public speaker, she speaks eloquently and captures audiences with her direct and powerful speech. The future of women's literature..."
Alexander Sloane
Client & Blog Subscriber
Kartanya was a Guest Speaker at a group Alexander attended. 

"...Fantastic, hard-hitting female with strong community values..."
Kevin Finn
Managing Director Paige Stainless Pty Ltd