Mere is a comedy/drama television script being written by Kartanya. The story is based on an in-tameable middle-aged woman who is suddenly finding that she has no choice but to settle down and amend her wild lifestyle. 

It's during this forced adaptation that she faces demons and becomes the leader that she has always been, but whilst standing in one spot - finally! The story sees her challenges in love, being a lawful citizen and championing the causes of her family and friends. She is the one with all the great advice but to many she has questionable morals. 

Mere brings to the forefront the hurdles faced by Kiwis (New Zealanders) living in Australia and the often very Kiwi way of dealing with these barriers. Kartanya touches beautifully on the culture, tradition, and antics of the Maori/Kiwi community within Australia and their oft hilarious ways of dealing with adversity and challenges.