Kartanya Martinez is a fresh-faced stand-up comedian with a defiant, rebellious and often naughty mindset. Kartanya takes you on a roller coaster of rebellion and high jinx between frequent visits to the naughty corner during her show. Kartanya and Society are living together for the first time,

𝘚𝘰𝘀π˜ͺ𝘦𝘡𝘺: " 𝘞𝘒𝘡𝘀𝘩 𝘠𝘰𝘢𝘳 𝘍𝘢𝘀𝘬π˜ͺ𝘯𝘨 π˜“π˜’π˜―π˜¨π˜Άπ˜’π˜¨π˜¦"
π˜’π˜’π˜³π˜΅π˜’π˜―π˜Ίπ˜’: " 𝘈𝘩 𝘚𝘩π˜ͺ𝘡"